About Red Ridge the Label

Authentic designs inspired by the simplistic yet enriching canvas of the outback.

Born from the red sandhills of central western Queensland, Australia, Red Ridge the Label shines a spotlight on central western Queensland Aboriginal artists by expressing their work in beautiful fashion.

The debut collection, Diamantina, highlights artwork from Wangkangurru and Yarluyandi women Aulpunda ‘Jean’ Barr-Crombie and Anpanuwa ‘Joyce’ Crombie from Birdsville, Queensland.

Our follow-up collection, Georgina, is named after the region the artists grew up in and features landscape imagery of traditional Aboriginal bush medicines, the wattle and gumby gumby.

The artists, also known as Two Sisters Talking, bring the culture of their country alive in their art, painting a deep love of the country from river to desert.

“This fashion is an opportunity for people to see where we come from,” said Joyce.

“We are so passionate about our country,”

“Mum and dad shared the stories [from the artwork] and this is our way of teaching the younger generation. They learn from us. Our language is our art,” said Jean.

“To have these stories on different materials, and even a catwalk, means so much to us. We are telling our stories through our artwork and these dresses - that is a first for us.

“If we don’t pass our culture on to our young ones, we will lose it.”

Leather keyrings have also been introduced to the collection, created by artisans at Blackall’s The Lost Art organisation, which seeks to preserve traditional bush skills in leatherwork to pass them on to younger generations.

Watch the interview with the artists, Joyce Crombie and Jean Barr-Crombie.

About Red Ridge Interior Queensland

Red Ridge (Interior Queensland) Ltd was established in 2009 as an NFP company limited by guarantee and with Tax Charity Concession (TCC) and Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status.

Red Ridge actively promotes the social and economic development of the Aboriginal communities of remote western Queensland through expression and preservation of their arts and culture.


The Regional Arts Services Network is an initiative of the Qld Government through Arts Queensland.