About Red Ridge the Label

Authentic designs inspired by the simplistic yet enriching canvas of the outback.

Born from the red sandhills of central western Queensland, Australia, Red Ridge the Label shines a spotlight on central western Queensland Aboriginal artists by expressing their work in beautiful fashion.

Founding artists, Wangkangurru and Yarluyandi women Aulpunda ‘Jean’ Barr-Crombie and Anpanuwa ‘Joyce’ Crombie from Birdsville, Queensland, paint together as Two Sisters Talking. Two Sisters Talking want to drive a future pathway from their art canvas work and storytelling in a more productive and sustainable way. 

During a conversation while driving to Birdsville across Country full of gibber stones, Aunty Joyce spoke about the vision of seeing her artwork interpreted in fashion. The inspiration is to engage and connect with the younger generation as a way to encourage them to embrace and understand their culture, heritage and knowledge. Through this process we are preparing our children to take on cultural leadership, preparing them to one day be the next cultural leaders and story tellers. We are encouraging the younger generation to move forward and learn, to be recognized as part of their own Country, to stand proud and say “My Country is Mithurri (the Simpson Desert)”, - this is who I am and where I come from.  

By interpreting their artwork in fashion, our artists are creating are a modern way of bringing ancient stories to life and present them to a contemporary global world. Representation of symbols in art tells a story without words. Aboriginal art and symbols tells cultural stories and connection to Country.

Many of the garments are named with an Aboriginal word from our Country – the Simpson Desert. In sharing our language, we hope more families will again speak a language that is in fear of being lost.

Founded in 2020, Red Ridge the Label is the realisation of long-held dreams and this connecting practice has since reached many communities throughout Queensland’s central west. Many more artists have now been involved in creating print works to be expressed in beautiful fashion. It is through each and every garment that their stories are told.

Red Ridge Interior Queensland Ltd is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland, part of the Department of Treaty, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships, Communities and the Arts.

The Regional Arts Services Network is an initiative of the Qld Government through Arts Queensland.